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From 27/05 till 13/06 Summer Camp “RAINBOW was working for pupils of the 5-7th forms in Brats’ka Gymnasium. Pupils took part in different activities, games, contests and projects. They were active,

energetic and inspired their teachers very much. They sang songs and chants, danced, did crosswords and puzzles, dramatised a fairy-tale, created posters, played board-games from the Activator with pleasure.

Summer Camp 2018 in Bratska Gymnasium was very interesting, exciting and full of bright events and momen


There were two English-language teams in the camp. Their names are  “Non-Stop” and “#Restoforest#”.

“Non-stop learning, non-stop fun” was camp`s motto. A lot of cool activities, sightseeing tour aroud the UK and the USA, energizes, created an atmosphere of joy and friendship!!!

The days were full of positive emotions and happiness. Children sang the song-anthem of their group, learnt their motto and chant, learnt rules of the team in an unusual way.

The campers too

k part in different active games. It was fun to play, cooperate and speak English. The atmosphere of the camp inspired and motivated children to learn English.

Smiles, happiness, English  language, interesting tasks, projects, physical exercises and songs! All these we have in our Summer camp “RAINBOW” in Bratska gymnasium.

The days were full of energy: favour

ite games, great emotions, much interesting information and, of course, English all the time and all the day.

A lot of talented and gifted pupils are revealed.

Campers spent one fantastic day in the forest, learned about making camp fires, tested their skills in an obstacle course, learned about tourism and nature and made nice things from nature materials.

Summer Language Camp provides many opportunities for children.

It was an amazing time. Three weeks went quickly. Lots of impressions, new knowledge, games, lots of fun and our great children.

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